How To Pronounce TH In American English – Unvoiced TH

A lady demonstrating how to make the TH sound in English

Hello, my name is Patty. We’ll be covering the unvoiced TH. The tongue should be between the top and bottom teeth, push air through the gap. Let’s try a few words with the TH at the beginning of a word; thorn, thin, think, thunder, thousand, thirsty, thief, thirty, thirteen, therapy, Thursday, thimble, three, thick.

Let’s try the TH in the middle of a word and at the end of a word. In the middle, it’s bathtub, toothache, toothbrush, python, marathon, healthy, and at the end, we have cloth, moth, math, tooth, fifth, wreath.

Let’s try initial unvoiced TH with two-syllable words; thankful, thankless, thank you, theme song, thermal, thicken. Three syllable words; thankfulness, Thanksgiving, thank you card, therapist, thermostat, Thesaurus.


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