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Patty Spence

Business Owner / Teacher / TEFL Certified

Business English AZ is a Phoenix based company that helps your employees who speak English as a second language, communicate with you, the employer, better.

I’ve been teaching all my life in various contexts from music to golf, but I’ve found teaching English as a second language the most rewarding. Having worked for a Fortune 500 company for over 13 years I realized that I had been missing that teaching element that I’ve enjoyed most of my life. I decided to become a certified ESL teacher, and I’ve never looked back.

I understand what it’s like to speak a second language and the painful reality of not being understood or being able to communicate what you want to say. The frustration level is through the roof!! Let’s just say I’ve walked a mile or two in your ESL shoes. I believe that’s what makes me a better teacher. Patience and understanding.

How can I help your company?

The years spent at the Fortune 500 company taught me so many things about the inner workings of a large corporation. It has helped me tremendously with Business English and the importance of excellent communication skills.

I hope that – even if I can help your staff communicate a little better – It’s a bigger step toward success.

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